28/12/07 - Come back Christmas!

No comic this week I'm afraid, Christmas and work are just too much, expect two next Friday if things all go to plan, until then keep filling yourself full of all that Christmas chocolate!

24/12/07 - Merry Christmas!

Very late, but just in time for Christmas. I was out for my sisters birthday and if you deny me that then we are through, I mean it! It's Christmas too, think of the kids. Let's not fight, let's just huddle around the warmth of Chip Shop Adventures #205. Have a good one!

Look at what this genius has made for me, for my secret santa over at Transplant Comics: Secret Santa from Joseph Hewitt! Joseph makes the classy Ataraxia Theatre so go over there and show him some Christmas love!

Also I have a guest comic up at Unlingual! Merry Christmas to all!

21/12/07 - Yah!.

Yah! Yah! Yah yah yah! Yah! Yah! (Christmas Chip Shop treats on Monday)
Chip Shop Adventures #204.

16/12/07 - Ah, precious sleeps.

Blame London Euston train station for making it two days late.
Chip Shop Adventures #203.

14/12/07 - Four days, no sleep.

Sorry folks, expect the comic tomorrow because work is murdering me to the deaths.

07/12/07 - Chilly, chilly days.

A week already? Plus it's December? Come on! Give me a break for once. I hate you Time. We will never be best buds. I'll never come over to your house on Sundays for a barbecue or hide a bloody candlestick for you when you drive over to my house at three in the morning, covered in your wifes blood.

Cynthia's blood. Forget you Time! It's Friday and here's Chip Shop Adventures #202.


Here we are, back once again. I hope you all enjoyed the guest comics that people made for you and I, many, many thanks to the creators! But now you're here for a brand new Chip Shop Adventure and that's what you're damn well getting.

You may notice something a little different about #201, not only is it 33% FATTER, I've been practising how I draw the characters and also with different pens so I can get some extra fine detail on the go. Don't waste time reading this, get your eyeballs pressed firmly against the screen and soak it up... VISUALLY! We can do that now, it's 2007.

Chip Shop Adventures #201.

23/11/07 - I'll get you next time, sleep.

I'm sorry pals, I don't have any guest comics for you this week and work is taking up every second of my time, however what I do have is a very pleasent surprise I found in my inbox, in the shape of Jordan Mooney's piece of fanart. He makes a comic called Professor Pigface's Lab so check that out and also the arts which will be housed in a new section that will appear very soon.

Jordan Mooney fanart

Chip Shop Adventures will return NEXT FRIDAY, be there or be square. And don't take the advice of Huey Lewis, it's not hip to have four sides.

16/11/07 - Guest comic #5.

Rock on! It's Friday and there's another guest comic for you, this time created by Dave! He has no last name, as last names are for scumbags. It could possibly be Dave again making him Dave Dave but that's irrelevant. However, what is relevant is his own comics that reside at SHRUMP. So enjoy your Friday with some added Dave!

Dave Guest comic.

12/11/07 - Guest comic #4.

Ho boy, look away today if you're a fan of The Bee! Guest comic #4 is brought to you by Marc de Wolf who makes comics and puts them onto the internet, such times we live in. He makes comics on his Roach Planet site and also Marbles with Govert van der Heijden so check out both the comics below and pop back on Friday when we'll have more guest comic goodness!

Marc de Wolf Guest comic.

09/11/07 - Guest comic #3.

Next up is Andreas Gustafsson who makes Invincible Jeff. Jeff is invincible but you know, he doesn't brag about it, he's a down to earth kinda guy who hates scientists just like you and me. Andreas has tapped into the chip shop owners meanness to bring you a great strip, don't take my words for it, peep it for yourself!

Andreas Gustafsson Guest comic.

Check back on Monday for some more guest stuffs!

07/11/07 - Guest comic #2.

The guest comic strip for today was created by Hajra Helac who makes the often insane and always entertaining Unlingual! I love it lots as it reminds me of 90's computer game story screens! Unlingual would make a great computer game from the 90's. Anyway, have a click on her banner and enjoy!

Unlingual Guest comic.

Visit on Friday for more guest comicy comic!

05/11/07 - Guest comic #1.

First up in this months line-up of guest comics and art is Shayna Marchese. Point your peepers at the very classy guest art she's created for me, it's like the cover to a novelisation! Then check out her wonderful comic Voids which is about a girl living in New york called Sara.

Shayna Marchese Guest art.

Come back on Wedenesday for more hot guest action!

02/11/07 - Takin' it easy.

And that my friends, is it, Chip Shop Adventures Scary month of Terror is over! Making half a years worth of strips in a month has battered the hell out of me so I'm going to be taking a three week break, but don't worry because some wonderful comic artists from all over the place have created some guest strips for my absence. So come back Monday and feast your eyes on some Chip Shop goodness not drawn by my tired, tired hands. I'd best start planning next years fun!

A larger than usual Chip Shop Adventures #200.

01/11/07 - Trick or treat!

Yes it's November now so technically the scary month of terror is over but you lucky scamps have two more comics left to the big 200 so I thought what the heckles:

Chip Shop Adventures #199

31/10/07 - Pie rage.

Happy Halloween everyone! No horror here though, you've had much more than your fair share already this month:

Chip Shop Adventures #198

30/10/07 - A phonecall home.

Boy it's nice to be back in the shop again:

Chip Shop Adventures #197

29/10/07 - Snoozetime.

Welcome back to the final part of Chip Shop Adventures Scary month of Terror! Pretty soon it'll be back to regular Friday updates so soak up this daily goodness while you still can!

Chip Shop Adventures #196

26/10/07 - A great escape.

That's week four done and dusted, this one was one of the first strips I thought of when planning this story and was a lot of fun to make:

Chip Shop Adventures #195

25/10/07 - Just making sure.

Have some violence for your Thursday afternoon!

Chip Shop Adventures #194

24/10/07 - The last thing on his mind.

Have some violence for your Wednesday afternoon:

Chip Shop Adventures #193

23/10/07 - An exceptional memory.

Less late than yesterday! Expect tomorrows strip sometime mid day.

Chip Shop Adventures #192

22/10/07 - A little too late.

Sorry it's late my friends, I'm in a bit of a slump from the weekend. I attmpted a 24 hour comic and failed halfway, click below to see the result. Anyway, on with the show!

Chip Shop Adventures #191
24 Hour comic attempt

19/10/07 - Bee sharpshooter.

Some Friday drama for you guys:Chip Shop Adventures #190.
Week three down, see you back here on Monday!

18/10/07 - Stinky neon socks.

Chip Shop Adventures #189.

17/10/07 - Goodbye eyeballs.

Welcome back, Bee lovers! Chip Shop Adventures #188.

16/10/07 - Torture time.

Chip Shop 187 is here, ever see the film '187'? Terrifying but one of Samuel L. Jackson's best. He plays a teacher that gets stabbed with a screwdriver and stops teaching for a bit, understandably, but then goes back to a different school and another pupil causes him even more trouble. Bloody kids.

Chip Shop Adventures #187.

15/10/07 - Put up yer Dukes!

Oh we're back, Monday again. Hopefully this will blow the week-startin' blues away: Chip Shop Adventures #186.

12/10/07 - When will you clowns learn.

That's week 2 down, I hope you're all enjoying it so far and I'll see you on Monday!
Chip Shop Adventures #185.

11/10/07 - Chomp and stomp.

Chip Shop Adventures #184.

10/10/07 - Die crowns, DIE!

Not only do you have your dose of chip shops, you've got yourself a guest comic I've made for Gingerdead & Friends. They're one year old so wander over and take a gander through the wonderfully macabre archives.

Chip Shop Adventures #183.

09/10/07 - Hoooonk!

Chip Shop Adventures #182.

08/10/07 - When clowns attack.

Welcome back! First may I direct your attention to the white banner that's all over the place, if you click them, you'll be taken to a wondeful project for charity in which I and many other webcomic artists/writers have taken part.
The Kid's book Project is almost finished and a lot of pre-orders are still needed to make it work. I've contributed a full page of artwork and it's going to be well worth the low price that's being asked for it so please click on the banner and check out the site, look around the authors page to see if any of your favourite webcomics are taking part and order! Thanks very much guys and gals.

And second: Chip Shop Adventures #181.

05/10/07 - 180!

Chip Shop Adventures #180 has been one of the toughest to colour and I'm glad to see the back of it. Also:


I'll see you guys Monday.

04/10/07 - Into the belly of the clown.

Chip Shop Adventures #179.
Go visit the marvelous, fantasticy Gingerdead because it's one year old this week!

03/10/07 - Impulse buying.

Chip Shop Adventures #178.

02/10/07 - The only logical solution.

Chip Shop Adventures #177.

01/10/07 - It begins!

Chip Shop Adventures: Month of Terror is here! Which basically means there will be a new strip every October weekday continuing the Clownin' Around storyline (that starts HERE). So have a catch-up if you're new and get ready for some GORE!

Chip Shop Adventures #176

28/09/07 - Plastic Lizards.

Number one-hundred and seventy five, not too shabby! here's your weekly fix, maybe next week you won't have to wait so long...

Chip Shop Adventures #175

21/09/07 - Plastic Lizards.


Chip Shop Adventures #174

14/09/07 - Plastic Lizards.

Welly welly well, here we are. Friday again. That must mean you're here for your Chip Shop Adventures #173, enjoy the weekend!

06/09/07 - 57 squids.

Good gazongas, did I just dodge an ebay shaped bullet, caused by my own idiocy of course. Anyway, to celebrate here is Chip Shop Adventures #172!

EDIT: Have an extra-weekend treat, some wallpapers created from this weeks strip in the two tasty flavours of WIDESCREEN SIZED and NORMALSCREEN SIZED.. That's not the wallpaper below, that's just my train station at night.

31/08/07 - First edition Garfields, foo'.

Chip Shop Adventures #171

24/08/07 - Pilotwings '90, fool.

Yikes, we've reached another big number, here's Chip Shop Adventures #170!

17/08/07 - Cola worm sweets.

Things will be changing around here soon, coming up to the big #200 and unfortunately it won't be a flash cartoon this year due to other work stealin' all my time but rest assured it'll be something cool!

Chip Shop Adventures #169.

10/08/07 - A complete lack of something to write here.

Welcome to Friday, I'm glad you could join us here on this most fried of Fridays and I hope you enjoy Chip Shop Adventures #168 because that's what my brain is telling me to put here. It might have some sort of masterplan behind it but I wouldn't worry too much as this morning it made me dream about viewing a heavy metal concert from a thin metal strip suspended high in the air. So high I couldn't hear what was happening. Didn't think that one through did ya brain? Sucker.

Till next time, enjoy the weekend.

03/08/07 - Oh man...

I've eaten far too much pizza. Chip Shop Adventures #167. Also it's August already, come on time, slow down a bit!

EDIT: Here's a guest comic I've done for Marbles, enjoy!

27/07/07 - Friday in yo face.

A wordless treat for the weekend, enjoy! Chip Shop Adventures #166.

Last nights screening was great fun, weird to see Coffee Shop hell in public again. Thanks very much to everyone involved!

25/07/07 - Coffee Shop Hell Birmingham screening.

If you live in the Birmingham area and fancy seeing Coffee Shop Hell plus about 6 other short films by Midlands-based animators then come on down to the Midlands Arts Centre where I'll be introducing the film personally! It starts tomorrow (Thursday 26th July) at 7:30pm and tickets can be booked up to 3 hours beforehand. I have no idea what I'm going to say...

19/07/07 - No title for you!

Early update! No time to explain! Train to catch!Chip Shop Adventures #165.

14/07/07 - London taahn.

I stood up for half of yesterday, on trains, buses and at stations to London. But it was worth it! Had a great meeting about some future work. So that's what's I've been preparing for all week, leaving me little time for poor old Chip Shops which I'm beavering away on right now, expect it in the next couple of hours!

BINGO: Chip Shop Adventures #164. The wordiest yet!

06/07/07 - Rain, rain, go away.

Good morning sleepy-head! Chip Shop Adventures #163. Also, anybody can watch my latest music video on youtube now so check it out and may your weekend be awesome: Sedan music video

29/06/07 - The Munsters.

Here you go my friends, Chip Shop Adventures #162, and not just that...

I'm sure you remember this music video I directed for the wonderful Tasmin Archer. Well for one week, if you have a Youtube video account then you can exclusively watch my second music video for her new track 'Sedan'.

Just mosey on over there and add Tasmin Archer's profile as your friend and subscribe to her channel, and in return you'll get a nice email inviting you to watch the video, a screen shot of which is below. Get ready for that weekend and may it be zebra-filled!

22/06/07 - Thunder KAPOW.

More of a story furthering strip this week, my friends: Chip Shop Adventures #161 and may your weekend be fun-filled or cream-filled, both are good.

15/06/07 - On time!

Right, last weeks strip complete with mad side-boob may have shocked you but this weeks strip blows it out of the water. I'm not sure but we might be sailing just into NSFW territory here folks so at your own risk, click Chip Shop Adventures #160 and enjoy your weekend!

08/06/07 - On time!

COMING UP: The most surreal chip shop advenutures this... week! Chip Shop Adventures #159. Time for some Zzz's, man!

05/06/07 - Mid-week treat.

Here's that Chip Shop Adventures #158 I owe ya, now we're evens, evens stevens!

01/06/07 - Sort it ahht weather.

The trilogy is complete: Chip Shop Adventures #157. Second catch-up strip coming tomorrow so drop by again!

25/05/07 - The rotoscopin' blues.

I tried hard but all of my energy is still pouring into the last few shots of the music video so here's last Friday's Chip Shop Adventures #156. It's looking like it's going to be completely finished this weekend so I'll have plenty of time to catch up. Have a good one!

18/05/07 - Gimme some of that sun dammit!

Here we have the chip shop from last Friday, Chip Shop Adventures #155 so I owe you one more for this week, expect a double update next Friday!

EDIT: Maybe you've heard the utterly stupid news about Chris Tarrant being arrested by four flak-jacketed police officers in a curry house for dropping some spoons on a table. Here's what the news would have you believe, you suckers! (Not for kids) Mad Tarrant props to Monosodium Chamboate and his mate for the idea.

11/05/07 - Worn out beyond beggers belief.

The music video work has taken up my time and I really don't want to rush chip shop for you guys so here comes Marc De Wolf to the rescue with a rude chip shop filler. Marc has a couple of comics so go visit Marbles and also Roach Planet

Big thanks to Amber Myer for the first piece of chip shop fan-art for my birthday last week:

Amber makes a webcomic too, called Killer Spoons.

04/05/07 - Nooo it are my birthday.

More gore in Chip Shop Adventures #154! Not only that but it's a double comic day for you my friends because I've done a guest strip for Chris Jones' fantastic Grumps!

I'm taking part in a book project, The Kids Book Project to be more specific, Over 50 webcomic artists are coming together and creating one page each for it and all proceeds go to the Make-A-Wish foundation who help terminally ill children. We need a lot of pre-orders to help make it happen, so if you're feeling cool and I know you are, head on over to the site via the banner below:

Enjoy your weekend!

(Go visit I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER? for awesome cats.)

27/04/07 - STREET FIGHTER EX...plus alpha.

Hello there! Here's Chip Shop Adventures #153 by the skin of its teeth. Also here's an updated link banner set for all your ultracool peeps who link to me, starting to gather quite a nifty gang now:

Have an awesome weekend but with NO SWEARING.

20/04/07 - Sunnysunsun.

Comic will be up later today my friends!

EDIT: and here it is! Chip Shop Adventures #152. Have a sunnyfunnyweekend!

13/04/07 - Creme egg frenzy.

First Scared Bee voting picture in ages and it's a tiny bit gory. Oooooooh it's the weekend.
Chip Shop Adventures #151.
Scared Bee #10

04/04/07 - Off on adventures.

I won't be able to update on Friday so here's your chip shop a little early: Chip Shop Adventures #150: The first sale of the year. Sorry, I don't have anything special for the 150th strip but rest assured, I'll get to work on something special for #200 seeing as it took me an age last time!

30/03/07 - Damn you clocks going back.

Oh word, it's the start of a fairly long story in Chip Shop Adventures #149: The Quest for Gazongas. Here's a piece of artwork too, I really need to update the art gallery because I've been going nuts with the tablet. BOOM it's a REDSHIRT

23/03/07 - Morning slump.

I'm still working hard on the music video so it's a good job I've got a few chip shops lined up for you to GO NUTS OVER: Chip Shop Adventures #148.

One of Transplant's finest, Voids has made the huge leap from internet comic to smashed into pulped tree comic and you can buy it! Right here: Void comicbooks. and it'll make your weekend all the sweeter.

16/03/07 - Regular sleeping hours suck if we've got no SUN.

Chip Shop Adventures #147. One way or another, It was always about bombs wasn't it? Avoid the bombs, bomb this, bomb that. Have a fun-filled weekend!

09/03/07 - Welcome to Friday!

Here's Chip Shop Adventures #146 to brighten up your morning and if you like 12oz. Mouse then you'll love this piece of fan-art I made, this guy did!

Thumbs Up

...and it comes in the fancy wallpapery sizes of 1280x780, 1280x1024 and 1600x1200.

Finally, could somebody please tell me when they started to thin Marmite? Last time I had Marmite on my toast it was thick and sludgy like tar and today I open a new jar up and it's thin and light brown. I want to know when this happened and why. I don't know why I want to know but if you work for Marmite or know someone who does then this information is probably readily available to you. I'm not knocking it, it tasted just the same. Have a great weekend!

04/03/07 - Damn you Spongebob Diner Dash.

It's still this week technically so I win this round, here's the comic that should have appeared on Friday: Chip Shop Adventures #145. and I also had a guest comic up at the wonderful Book of Biff which you know you should check out.

02/03/07 - Div tags your face.

Here's the comic from last week: Chip Shop Adventures #144. Hopefully I'll be able to get the one for this week done over the weekend, I'm still plowing away on this music video but it'll look pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, cool.

22/02/07 - Thursday.

Sorry no comic this week due to family things.

15/02/07 - Fantastic Friday.

Back to the old school updates and it feels good, have a baaoob-tacular weekend: Chip Shop Adventures #143.

10/02/07 - Final catch-up comic.

Here it is, last comic of the week so we're all even-stevens. Unfortunately I'm going to have go back to updating once a week, on Friday. This is because I've got a couple of other projects on that also involve drawing and are taking a lot of time so I don't want Chip Shops to suffer, so see you next Friday!

Chip Shop Adventures #142.

09/02/07 - Snowy snow snowson

Here's Wednesday's comic yo: Chip Shop Adventures #141.

08/02/07 - Last weeks comic #2

Here's the second of last weeks comics, the two for this week will be updated over the weekend. Chip Shop Adventures #140.

06/01/07 - Last weeks comic #1

Just payin' what I owe, Sir: Chip Shop Adventures #139.

03/02/07 - "I've got to pick those melons..."

Oh man, am I glad that's over. Back to the bees-ness in hand! Chip Shop Adventures #138. January feels good to have gotten out the way, hello Febs! Both of this weeks Chip shops will be updated next week, enjoy your weekend!

Also, well done Boston for blowing this way out of proportion. "The devices had been up in the cities listed for two weeks before the Boston incident occurred." Nice.

26/01/07 - Tax forms suck alot.

Sorry, business crap means no comic this Friday!

23/01/07 - Tax forms suck alot.

Doo dee doo, dooby doo doo, dooby doo dee dee deee! Chip Shop Adventures #137

19/01/07 - Taxes suck.

Being deprived of sleep for a couple of days has meant the comic should show up later today, sorry about that, here to tide you over till then is Scared Bee #9,
Have yourself a great lazy weekend!
EDIT: Here's your Chip Shop Adventures #136!

17/01/2007 - TV is getting worse every day.

Following swiftly on from Friday's story, here's Chip Shop Adventures #135 to start off your week, if you're lazy like me and only just woke up since Sunday.

12/01/07 - DARTS RULES.

Here we are, as promised, two Chip Shop Adventures plus the first Scared Bee voting picture of 2007, which pays homage to one of the greatest SNES videogames ever!
Chip Shop Adventures #133.
Chip Shop Adventures #134.
Scared Bee #8
Have a good one!

03/01/2007 - Stupid Intel chips all up in my face.

I know you're down one Chip Shop Adventure so expect two on Friday, I've been having some internet/computer troubles recently so here's Chip Shop Adventures #132 for your perusal.

03/01/2007 - Soggy January.

The first comic of 2007! BOOM: Chip Shop Adventures #131.

01/01/2007 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

TO EVERYONE! Here's a gory guessst comic I've done for Debt On by Scott Morris, enjoy!