WELCOME TO THE FLASH ANIMATION PAGE. That's something I'd shout at your face if we were on a tour but we're not so stop whining. They aren't for everyone and some will contain violence and horror so if you're offended by such things then don't watch them!
Go watch a kitten balancing on a rose on a Sunday.

A short looping animation based on this Raspberry Soda comic by my good webcomicing friend Beth.
Chip Shop Adventures #100 (October 2006)
The Chip Shop Idiot spots a bargain in the classified ads. This was made to celebrate drawing one-hundred Chip Shop Adventures comics. All the frames of animation are hand-drawn like the comic, because you know how we roll.
How to be Employee of the Month (May 2006)
When he's not lounging around at Coffee Shop Hell, John works at an office, this cartoon shows us part of a typical day for him. CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND MORE VIOLENCE.
Poor Little Bunny (April 2006)
A little gory Easter treat for everyone (except children and easily offended people) to enjoy! Contains some violence.
Hypnotic Grass #1 (February 2006)
I had a sudden burst of inspiration the other night and made this, it's the start of a surreal series that was partly based on a dream I had. Contains just a little bit of gore.
Stupid Tomato Stunt #2 (February 2006)
Part two of this tomato epic. Fresh out of hospital, the stupid tomato is determined to push his stunts to the extreme. WARNING: Contains scenes of tomato guts.
Stupid Tomato Stunt #1 (December 2005)
A stupid tomato and his idiot friend try to pull off a stupid, idiotic stunt. Itís full of gorgeous gore so tomato lovers and young children be warned.
The Cat that fell over (October 2005)
A Flash remake of one of my old cartoons, includes never before seen pixels and previously deleted bytes.